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Enforced Empathy


A two-part, experimental project aimed at becoming comfortable with failure and uncertainty.

In the first part we were tasked with exploring the potential of a ‘bed of nails,’ which led to experimentation on a number of themes, including enforced empathy. What if one person’s emotional state could be communicated physically with another individual?

Second, given the theme of ‘Telepresence,’ we carried out multiple experiments, eventually exploring the perception of time between people and places, and how the measurement of time could influence the perception of time. What if we could have greater control over our individual ‘time zone’? What if we could anchor our own personal time to an individual instead of anchoring to a location?

Collaboration with Raunaq Bose, Maya Pindeus and Eun Kyung Shin

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Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 20.18.51


Changing environmental conditions to allow control over circadian rhythm. What if we could personalise our own time zone?


Evoking nostalgia with smell


Trying to track and communicate REM – what if we could notify someone when they’re being dreamt of?



Bed of Nails – Communicating emotion physically


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