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Mason's Brew


The Stanley No.9 Mason’s Brew is a┬áproposed design for a combined tea-strainer and drinking vessel. A simple on-off filter mechanism enables drinkers to brew multiple cups of tea using the same loose-leaf tea leaves throughout the day, bringing the convenience of a tea bag to the experience of loose leaf tea drinking.

An exercise in creating a batch of nine identical products for an incongruous brand.

In two weeks we had to design and manufacture nine tea strainers that reflected the values, aesthetic and user profile of the brand Stanley.

Designed and built in collaboration with Nathan Chang, Ahreum Jung and Aaron Koshy.

Final product, made from Jesmonite cast in silicon mould.



Prototyping the on/off mechanism


Creating the silicon mould from a 3D print


Casting the interior section in Jesmonite


Prototypes and casting iterations


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